True Knowledge Ministries, Int'l
3 Tape Series

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1.  Angels  2. Answering your call
3. Checking our soil 4. Christ is the reason for the season
5. Christ - the wisdom of God 6. Developing your destiny
7. Discipleship is costly 8. Faith, Are you agreeing with God?
9. Principles of conscience  10. Power to finish
11. Respecting the Anointing 12. Roadblocks to receiving your harvest
13. Saying what God has said  14. The appointed time
15. The illumination of the Word 16. The inner witness
17. The power of intercessory prayer 18. The power of our words
19. The present day ministry of Christ Jesus 20. The results of unbelief
21. You will receive a crown  22. Exposing the Tactics of satan

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