True Knowledge Ministries, Int'l
4 Tape Series

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1. A measure of faith 2. Are you willing to pay the price?
3. A study of Hebrews 4. Being truthful with yourself
5. Changing knowledge  6. Discerning of spirits
7. Fitting into your local church 8. Foundations of the Believers authority
9. God's plan for the family 10. God's provision 
11. Memorizing the Word of God 12. Patience
13. Power to live the new life 14. Releasing your faith
15. Studying the book of Ephesians 16. The curse, are we delivered?
17. The foundations of spiritual fruit 18. The leading of the Spirit
19. The prayer of a righteous man 20. The role of Satan
21. Understanding righteousness 22. Victory begins in your mind
23. Voices 24. Was that you Lord?
25. You will be rewarded

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