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"We pledged to sow $1,500.00 into W24DN and have it paid in full a few months later - by the pledge due date. But - the Lord spoke to us to get the money in the ground NOW. We agreed to do so and we took the money out of our savings account. Within two days, after the Lord spoke to us and we agreed - we received a phone call about an unexpected business deal. Within 2-3 weeks, we received a check for the amount of $20,000.00"

"I really enjoy the movie Rose of Sharon and the fact that you explained so well the questions that I have had for years about Jews, etc. - thanks so much. I needed something tonight, as I came home from a church service, that showed how Christ was crucified - it was just like your movie. I turned on the TV and, by accident, got your channel. It must have been God's will. Thank you. I will be telling others about this station and Jesus."

"I had been a $25.00 a month partner for sometime. I wanted to increase my partnership to $50.00 a month, so I told the Lord that if He would help me that I would do it. Everything went fine for a couple of months, but then one month came, and I didn't think that I could afford to give the $50.00. I told the Lord that I was sure that He would understand, but He said that I should stick to my original plan. I went ahead and gave the $50.00 and God was so good to me! I had a medical bill of $300.00 written off and $750.00 of medication was given to me. When I totaled the two of these up, it came to $1,050.00. That is a very good trade for $50.00. You can not outgive God."

Hello Bishop Lalli,
We watch you live on the internet in our office here in Kampala, Uganda!! This is great and interesting to see how God is using you! You look nice with Mama Pamela on the internet! May God reward you 1000 times for this great work you started and rendering for the Kingdom of God!

Pastor Kiyimba Joseph
T.K.M. Kampala, Uganda

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