True Knowledge Ministries International

World Missions

Jesus said, "Go Ye Into All The World !"

That's exactly what were doing in our World Missions outreaches. Much of our International ministry spans the globe into East and Central Africa.

Our missions team has just returned from Eldoret, Kenya. This year we held a special "Pastor's Family Conference" for Ministers and their wives. The Lord truly blessed us with a great time of teaching and ministry.

The Word of God was taught for 40 hours, we held 4 Church services and 2 open air crusades! We give God all the glory for the great things that He has done!

Uganda Mission Update
Our Kampala, Uganda annual Leadership conference was a great success in 2000.

All throughout the conference we saw manifestations of the power of God in the lives of the people. 

It was our BIGGEST OPPORTUNITY EVER to reach more Ministers than ever before.

The Holy Spirit drew the hearts of 471 registered ministers to attend this time of spiritual impartation, preparing a might army for the Lordís service. For 59 HOURS, in 6 DAYS of meetings, the ever-living, yoke destroying, Word of God was taught and preached to the participants and the results were incredible.

A tumor located in the breast of one woman was DISSOLVED INSTANTLY as Pastor Pam laid hands on her. As Pastor Stacy ministered at least 65 people received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and demons were cast out! A demon spoke out of one sister, declaring it was going to KILL her because she was going to the hospitals and praying for people and they were healed. But the DEVIL IS A LIAR and when I commanded the demons to leave, the woman was TOTALLY SET FREE !!!

Many Ministers repented from robbing from God and entered into a tithing covenant with him which will lead many out of poverty and into ABUNDANCE! The presence of God was so strong in these meetings that sections of people began falling under the power of God at random, with no one touching them except the Holy Spirit. At one point members of the Praise and Worship team began falling off the platform as they were overcome by the power of God.

Feeding The Church was also a part of this conference as we were able to
supply the ministers with 2 good meals each day. 


We are also looking forward to the new opportunities the Lord is opening up for us in Burma and India !

We are so appreciative of your partnership and want to encourage you to remain faithful in your Missions giving as together as partners we take the Gospel to the ends of the earth.