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Kenya, Africa

Pastor Michael Kisabuli Masambu

Pastor Michael Kisabuli Masambu is the True Knowledge Ministries, Int'l. field representative for Kenya, Africa. Pastor Michael travels to the Teso pastors and their staff for a conference each month, teaching the TKMI Bible Training Center curriculum. During the monthly conferences, Dr. Nick Lalli teaches one hour audibly addressing questions and concerns of the pastors and staff.

Kenya, Africa
Teso pastors and church leaders pictured with
Pastor Michael Kisabuli Masambu
(back row - far right) / Kenya, Africa
Kenya, Africa
Pastor Michael Ksabuli Masambu teaching
Teso pastors and church leaders TKMI Bible
Training Center curriculum / Kenya, Africa
Kenya, Africa
TKMI Bible Training Center class time with Teso pastors and church leaders / Kenya, Africa

DR Lalli,

This is exactly 16 years since first meeting you in Nairobi at the Apostle Philip Lists Church where you were teaching the anointing upon and within. It is also worth mentioning that you trip to Kenya that August was almost destroyed by the Al Qaeda bombing the USA Embassy in Nairobi the eve of your coming.

I attended your meeting courtesy of Bishop Chris Wanyonyi.

I vividly remember how by the leading of the Holy Spirit you were able to pick me from the congregation to come and help you in translation because all that were trying it were failing making people complain. In my life I had never done such a task. It was huge test to me. But after you had laid your hands on me, the Lord quickened my tongue to and spirit to flow with you even though I was not used to American way talking.

You also laid hands on me after ministering to all people where I fell under the power of the Holy Spirit and remained in the Lords presence for nearly half an hour. This experience changed my life entirely. I very strong anointing to teach the word was released in me up to date.

Two years later you came to Eldoret teaching on the transference of the anointing where you again under the leading of the Holy Spirit called me and laid hands on me for wisdom and boldness in the word.

You came to Eldoret Again teaching on the Pastors and Ministers family. This is one teaching that I have two very special testimonies.

Firstly, about a couple that I invited to the meeting. The second day of the meeting you dealt on leadership in the family and the need for husbands and wives to work together. This couple I invited had suffered a lot because the wife could not submit to the husband because she was earning more money and in a higher job group than her husband. This made her look down upon her husband. Remember both were pastors.

Because of this strife in this family, sicknesses and other misfortunes kept befalling them and particularly the wife. On that second day after your teachings, the wife called the pastor in a private room, went down on her knees and asked her husband for forgiveness and God healed their marriage up to date. That family has now grown rich and wealthy and are now Bishops of a very powerful church movement in Kenya and Rwanda. Both are High School teachers and have been promoted to become Principals of Schools. The wife has used this testimony to bring a lot of healing to hundreds of families. She warns women and couples not to have secret lives from their spouses as she used to do[ this is according to Re. Pamela Lallis teachings on the Power of secrets]. Her husband never knew how much she earned and how she spend it. She talked of how she failed in all secret investments worthy hundreds of thousands of Kenya Shillings.

On my part your teaching helped me differentiate between a natural man and the MAN OF THE BIBLE. I elected to be a man of the Bible. You see, I am from Western Kenya, my wife Serah is from Eastern. Their culture is totally different from ours. In my culture men are taught to behave in a certain way, not necessarily consistent with the character and nature of God. As you know very well having children in an African marriage is a MUST. But you know Serah had her womb removed because of the fibroids making it medically impossible to ever bear children. Under this cultural fear of being childless and the fear that I could one day chase her away from my home, she slowly started sinking into a depression. During this time she came up with false dreams and visions accusing me that I had married another wife who had children and that I planed to throw her out. She told everybody she met. She could stand in the compound and wail attracting the attention of people passing by. It was the most difficult moment in my life. In fact some bishops asked me to chase her way saying after all I had nothing to loose.

But I wanted to be and remain the Bible man that you taught me to be.

Her attack went even further, but people who knew me could not believe her, This reminds of what Solomon said in proverbs, ' THE INTEGRITY OF THE RIGHTEOUS PRESERVES HIM' , Dr. Lalli, if I didnt have integrity, I would have been a gone case now. Thank you very much for being bold and loving enough to teach the truth of the Gospel in this generation that is increasingly compromising the word of God.

I was shocked one Sunday I go to church and find that most members were absent. On inquiring I learned that my wife had sent them text messages warning them that she would kill them if they ever stepped in church.This just tore my heart. They didnt have to go through this. But God helped me to understand that it was the attack of the enemy.

That Sunday evening what I did was the worst. She wailed the whole night. Monday morning she disappeared a bit only to show up by evening. The state was bad, but I felt God led to take her to the quest house away from home to rest so I can get to the root of the matter. Because upto this time I didnt know why she was behaving that way.

At the guest house I started getting some leads to why. I was there with her for a week and came back to the church to apologize on her behalf after learning that she was actually sick. After that I took her to Nairobi again in a guest house away from people to pray for her and dig deeper into the root cause. On 11th of October 2008, we attended Dr. Joe Kayos church where he taught on the death and blood of Jesus. We had the Lord's table and Serah was instantly healed from that demonic attack.

After the her healing I felt led to adopt a son so that she becomes a mother. You know that you, Dr. Lalli gave the money that transacted that adoption process of John Baraka. And we are now a very happy family.

Our testimony on how to handle a family member under stress, or depressed has opened many doors for us to share the love of God to countless couples and civil servants.


Ever since 2008 when we first met you our ministry has expanded greatly. We have done leadership training virtually in the whole country using your TKMI Bible Training Center that you gave me.

We are also reaching out to hundreds of thousands of youths in schools, colleges and churches across the country. We are also receiving invites from government officials to give ideas on how to raise the Kenyan youth for a great future of the nation.

So far I have met the President, Senators, Member of Parliament, and Governors. I also address the annual conference of all High School Principals in Kenya. This has also become a great avenue to have souls come to the Lord. This year alone I have done 50,000 KM as a motivational speaker, trainer and and teacher of the Gospel.

Honestly I dont think I would have done all this, had I not met you. You are God send. My meeting you has sharpened me and shaped me into the vessel the Master can use.

The number of congregations under my oversight has also grown from one to six, all build semi permanent on our our parcels of land.

As I finish my testimony, I wish to humbly request you to follow up with your dream for a TKMI Bible Training Center in Kenya in order for you to multiply yourself. I have land, I only need that you facilitate me with money to build a lecture room with offices and in future to put a guest house for you and your team whenever you come and hostels for students.

CELL PHONE +254 722967212

Malawi, Africa

Video clips from Malawi:
Dr. Nicholas Lalli preaching
Pastor Pam Lalli singing
Dr. Nicholas and Pastor Pam Lalli ministering

I have completed the mission to Malawi, Africa. I was able to distribute 4 containers, which included 140,000 lbs. of food and 40 cases of leadership training books.
We give God glory for what He is doing. Thank you for your financial and prayer support.
The following is an excerpt from my spiritual son, Pastor Jeff Stacy (TKMI Missions Department).

In His Service,
Dr. Nicholas Lalli

Pastor Jeff Stacy writes:

The trip was very successful! We held a three day crusade in a very populated area where 201 people accepted Jesus as their Savior! On the last day of the crusade, the chief of the village (in his 70’s) accepted Jesus as his Savior! We visited many different churches preaching & teaching the Good News of Jesus and doing what Jesus did, laying our hands on people with aids, and every kind of sickness and diseases imaginable! The Lord was working with us as many people were healed instantly!
At one small village that we took food to, there was a very poor widow woman with two children who we gave the food to. She was so grateful that she wanted to bless us. She left for a while and came back with a live chicken! We took the chicken and told her that God will bless her for her offering.
The people that got saved and touched by God goes on your account also, because it could not have happened without your support!
We must always remember that “God can’t move if we don’t”!


Evangelistic Thrust in Dominican Republic

True Knowledge Ministries Int’l is impacting the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Dominican Republic.

The mission team, which consisted of Pastor Jeff Stacy, Pastor Tenna Stacy, Priscilla Aldridge, and Jim Basnett, departed from Mannington, WV, on September 8th and returned home on September 15th, 2004.

During their stay in Dominican Republic, the Lord opened many doors for ministry through the wonderful host family where they stayed. This trip was different from the others the team had previously been on. The main avenue of spreading the Gospel was by holding crusades with the showing of Christian films. They saw, first hand, the powerful impact this ministry has on touching the hearts of the people.

While there, they were able to minister in the prison, the school, the park, open field crusades, and children’s church. They also accepted invitations to minister in the local churches and even held a minister’s conference, which they heard wonderful testimonies about even after returning home to the states.

Even though, this was a relatively short mission trip, the Lord magnified their time and they were privileged to see over 525 salvations during their week’s stay.

The harvest is plentiful in the wonderful country of Dominican Republic. The people there are so open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Truly the harvest is plenty – but the laborers are few!


Eldoret, Kenya

Jesus said, "Go Ye Into All The World !"

That's exactly what we're doing in our World Missions outreaches. Much of our International ministry spans the globe into East and Central Africa.

Our missions team has just returned from Eldoret, Kenya. This year we held a special "Pastor's Family Conference" for Ministers and their wives. The Lord truly blessed us with a great time of teaching and ministry.

The Word of God was taught for 40 hours, we held 4 Church services and 2 open air crusades! We give God all the glory for the great things that He has done!


Uganda Mission Update

For many years, TKMI has sent the Bible Training Center to many countries of the world through mail correspondence school. Now we have an established on-site bible training center located in Kampala, Uganda, Africa. Below is the picture of the sign pointing to the location of the training center.

The training center is located on the compound of Pastor Steven Trint. For further information on the training center located in Kampala you can contact:

Pastor Steven Trint
(Uganda contact)

Our Kampala, Uganda annual Leadership conference was a great success in 2000.

All throughout the conference we saw manifestations of the power of God in the lives of the people. 

It was our BIGGEST OPPORTUNITY EVER to reach more Ministers than ever before.

The Holy Spirit drew the hearts of 471 registered ministers to attend this time of spiritual impartation, preparing a might army for the Lord's service. For 59 HOURS, in 6 DAYS of meetings, the ever-living, yoke destroying, Word of God was taught and preached to the participants and the results were incredible.

A tumor located in the breast of one woman was DISSOLVED INSTANTLY as Pastor Pam laid hands on her. As Pastor Stacy ministered at least 65 people received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and demons were cast out! A demon spoke out of one sister, declaring it was going to KILL her because she was going to the hospitals and praying for people and they were healed. But the DEVIL IS A LIAR and when I commanded the demons to leave, the woman was TOTALLY SET FREE!!!

Many Ministers repented from robbing from God and entered into a tithing covenant with him which will lead many out of poverty and into ABUNDANCE! The presence of God was so strong in these meetings that sections of people began falling under the power of God at random , with no one touching them except the Holy Spirit. At one point members of the Praise and Worship team began falling off the platform as they were overcome by the power of God.

Feeding The Church was also a part of this conference as we were able to supply the ministers with 2 good meals each day. 

We are also looking forward to the new opportunities the Lord is opening up for us in Burma and India!

We are so appreciative of your partnership and want to encourage you to remain faithful in your Missions giving as together as partners we take the Gospel to the ends of the earth.


Feeding The Church

In July of 1998, we received a report from our pastors in Malawi , Africa
that Christians in their villages were literally starving. Severe flooding had devastated this primarily farming area and the crops had been washed away.

 The shortage was so serious the Government had even limited the amount of food per family that could be purchased, although most could not afford it anyway.

The Lord touched our hearts with this need and as these reports were confirmed by our Field Representative, we began to share this need with God's people and this outreach of Feeding The Church was birthed.

Since that time we have been able to deliver 15,000 pounds of food to villages and an orphanage in Central Africa .      

Over the course of 1999 we expanded this outreach as a part of our ministers' conferences. Many of the ministers who attend our conferences come from hundreds of miles away, mainly traveling by bus and even sometimes by foot bringing their wives and children with them.

The majority of the time it is all these ministers' can do to be able to afford the bus fare and when they arrive they have no money for food. This is how "hungry" they are for the teaching of the Word of God. But we have realized that it is hard to sit for hours and receive the Word when your stomach is in pain from a lack of food.

So we have incorporated our Feeding The Church program into our conferences by not only reaching out to the ministers and their families with spiritual food, but also providing for them with a place to stay and good meals each day.

In May 2000 we were able to provide food for 471 ministers at our Kampala, Uganda conference.

We Praise the Lord for what he is allowing us to do and we are asking him to touch upon the heart of churches and people everywhere to partner with us both prayerfully and financially to ensure that this ministry will flourish and expand in the upcoming years.



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